TURRI Lago Di Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained Designation of Origin (DOP) status from the European Community in November 1997.  This is a major award which is granted only to unique, distinctive products. 

The Olives used to make this oil are Casalivo (or Drizzar), Raza, Trepp and Pendolino.  These olives are from the Veronese shore of Garda Lake and are picked by hand.

The taste is sweet and delicate with an aftertaste of almonds.  Lago di Garda is an exceptional oil because it does not mask the taste of the food that it is added to.  It combines well with fish and raw vegetables and is also suitable for the preparation of sauces and sweets.  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
103050010 Lago di Garda E.V.O.O. 6/500 ml