RONCAIA is a brand that is notable for its high quality rice and polenta. Roncaia’s commitment to excellence is evident in its products, which are 100% Italian.

Roncaia is a well-known name in the rice industry offering wide a selection of rice.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Italian risotto or a simple side dish, Roncaia is the perfect choice.


105244020 Arborio Rice Box 12/2 lb
105244110 Arborio Rice Bulk – 5lb Bag 4/5 lb
105244030 Carnaroli Rice Box 12/2 lb
105244050 Carnaroli Rice Bulk – 5lb Bag 4/5 lb
105244080 Vialone Nano Rice Box 12/2 lb
105244090 Vialone Nano Rice Bulk – 5lb Bag 4/5 lb


105144020 Polenta Istantanea Box 12/1 lb
105144050 Polenta Bramata Box  12/1 lb