I Bibanesi

“Bibanesi” was developed by Da Re Spa in 1989 as a solution to satisfy the growing demand for their product in larger areas. Their design was a radically new product that was halfway between bread and breadsticks that would also retained the fragrant and wholesome characteristics of home-made bread.

Bibanesi are Chunky breadsticks that are hand-stretched, giving each piece its individually unique shape. The taste is light, flavorsome, and enhanced by extra virgin olive oil. Tradition and  innovation, along with manual skills and automation, combine in an extraordinary way to make this a truly unique product. 


106098000 Bread Bites 40g 65/1.4 oz
106098010 Chunky Breadsticks with E.V.O.O. 100g 24/3.5 oz
106098530 Chunky Breadsticks with E.V.O.O. 250g  10/8.8 oz
106098050 Chunky Breadsticks with E.V.O.O. 500g 8/17.6 oz
106098130 Chunky Breadsticks w/Rosemary 24/3.5 oz
106098180 Chunky Breadsticks w/Onion 24/3.5 oz
106098220 Chunky Breadsticks w/Chili Peppers 24/3.5 oz
106098280 Chunky Breadsticks w/Olive 24/3.5 oz
106098330 Chunky Breadsticks w/Rosemary 24/3.5 oz
106098500 Chunky Breadsticks Organic (BIO) 24/3.5 oz