E’ Piu’

E’ PIU’ was founded in 1954 in the ICLA plant in Casalmaggiore (CR). It produced fresh milk and fresh cream for distribution in the nearby area. In 1990 the company moved into a new factory and went on to become a solid benchmark for the retailing and distribution industry.The company is one of the most important dairy industries of Italy both for volume and quality of production, with more than 2000 quintals of milk a day and 700 quintals a day of treated cream. A marked distribution all over the national territory, together with the need to consolidate a bond with its place of origin, has created a solid and dynamic food processing industry.

The company’s mission is represented by 4 key points: quality, flexibility, innovation and tradition.   Food safety and quality are the key points of E`piu’s development. In 1995 the company started to undergo the extremely strict certification process by adopting the HACCP principles and finally, by obtaining in 1998 the ISO 9001 certification and in 2005 by gaining the BRC and IFS international standards.

Mascarpone is a product that has been obtained from the coagulation of citric acid with only the best warmed-up creams.  This rich and creamy cheese is ideal for tiramisu and other delicious dishes.

*SO – Special Order


100659010 Mascarpone 250 gr 12/8.8 oz
100659020 Mascarpone 500 gr 6/17.6 oz