La Casa Del Grano

La Casa Del Grano manufactures some of the finest pasta in the world, using only lab-analyzed wheat semolina.  It combines the use of modern technology with traditional means of production, resulting in an authentic taste, appetizing flavor, and excellent volume even after cooking!

Thanks to over 30 years of experience La Casa Del Grano is considered the leading producer of two traditional types of Sardinian Pasta:  “Is Malloreddus” and “Sa Fregola”.  There are three different kinds of “Is Malloreddus” available for the US Market which include: Medi (semolina wheat);  S.E. 10 (combination of semolina wheat and saffron) and 4 flavors (combination of semolina wheat, saffron, spinach and tomatoes).  “Sa Fregola” is a sphere shaped pasta toasted in an oven where they assume their typical light brown color.  Both “Is Malloreddus” and “Sa Fregola” contain no preservatives.

*SO – Special Order


105327100 Is Maccarronis de Busa 20/500 gr
105327210 Pastina 16/500 gr
105327250 Penne Rigate 16/500 gr
105327270 Mezze Penne Rigate 16/500 gr
105327300 Rigatini 16/500 gr
105327340 Ditali Rigati 16/500 gr
105327360 Fusilli Rigati 16/500 gr
105327380 Chiffari 16/500 gr
105327390 Ondine Rigate 16/500 gr
105327400 Conchiglie 16/500 gr


105327000 Fregola Sarda Big 12/500 gr
105327010 Fregola Sarda Medium 12/500 gr
105327020 Fregola Sarda Small 12/500 gr
105327600  SO Fregola Sarda Big Bulk 24 kg 1/52.9 lb
105327610  SO Fregola Sarda Big Bulk 24 kg 1/52.91 lb
105327620  SO Fregola Sarda Big Bulk 24 kg 1/52.91 lb


105327050 Is Malloreddus Medi 20/500 gr
105327060 Is Malloreddus Grossi #2 20/500 gr
105327070 Is Malloreddus Piccoli #1 20/500 gr


‍1053277100 Whole Wheat Fregola Sarda Medium 12/17.6 oz
‍1053277400 Whole Wheat Malloreddus Medium 12/17.6 oz