Leoncini began with Aristodemo Leoncini, a renowned master of the art of making salted meats, who started a small family business back in 1918 in the Province of Reggio Emilia. Today, the strictest ancient meat processing techniques are used, following  age-old Emilian recipes that are strictly guarded and handed down through the generations. Technological evolution has offered numerous advantages, but is carefully applied in order not to compromise in any way the authenticity and quality of the products that have always been behind Leoncini’s strength.

The Leoncini Group was and still is in Verona where they produce Oven Roasted Ham with Herbs, Cooked Ham, Porchetta, Mortadella, Pancetta and other meats.  Since 1971 this site has been certified for EU export. It is also certified for export to countries that adopt the strictest health and hygiene regulations, with strict periodical controls on production systems and output.

Leoncini’s second plant is in Langhirano, Parma which is dedicated only to making 100,000 high quality Parma Hams per year. Here, in a completely renovated production site, Langhiranese Prosciutti skillfully combines the art of small-scale gastronomy with the current market demands. The final product is exquisite goodness, softness and fragrance, of the highest nutritional value.

*SO – Special Order


102031040 Parma Ham Boneless “Centenario” 1/20 lb
102031060 Parma Ham Boneless 24 months 1/18 lb
102031090 Parma Ham Boneless 18 months 1/18 lb
102031100 Parma Ham Boneless 16 months 1/17 lb


102131000 Due Leoni Cooked Ham Hand-Tied 1/20 lb
102131010 Due Leoni Cooked Ham 1/20 lb
102131020 Cooked Ham 1/16 lb
102131160 Cooked Ham Red Label 1/2 Cut 2/8.5 lb
102131180 Cooked Ham with Truffles 1/2 Cut 2/8 lb
102131030 Oven Roasted Ham with Herbs 1/16 lb
102131040 Porchetta – Oven Roasted Pork 1/12 lb
102131050 Smoked Cooked Ham 1/16 lb
102131070 Flat Pancetta Smoked Cooked 2/8 lb
102131080 Flat Pancetta Smoked Cooked 1/2 cutx4 4/4 lb
102131090 Flat Pancetta Smoked Cooked 1/2 cutx2 2/4 lb
102131100 SO Roasted Pork Loin 2/8 lb


102231130 Mortadella Plain 17 lb 1/17 lb
102231160 Mortadella Plain 11 lb 2/11 lb
102231180 Mortadella Plain 8 lb 1/8 lb
102231070 Mortadella Plain 1 lb 12/1 lb
102231230 Mortadella with Pistachio 17 lb 1/17lb
102231260 Mortadella with Pistachio 11 lb 2/11 lb
102231280 Mortadella with Pistachio 8 lb 1/8 lb
102231080 Mortadella with Pistachio 700 gr 14/1.5 lb