I Siciliani

I Siciliani produces authentic and traditional cheeses, following the centuries-old experience of our shepherds, and thus safeguarding the rich gastronomic environmental and cultural heritage of our region. We bring to your table products that represent us, and the positive values of our land, sharing them with Italy and the World. We set ourselves apart by our enthusiasm and desire to offer new solutions, offering our experiences in the development of partnership projects that create value for our customers and constantly try to improve ourselves while remaining faithful to our values.

We choose perfectly aged, traditional, Sicilian cheeses to bring an Italian touch to tables all over the world. Tradition, authenticity and innovation are the best guarantees for products with unrivaled taste.

Always attentive to the environment, I Siciliani adopted different solutions to save energy over the years. The company has installed two photovoltaic systems which enable it to product about 95.000 kwh of electricity per year, or about 75% of the company’s requirements. This is a savings of about 106,000 Kg of CO2 emissions per year.


101430010 Primosale 2.5 kg 2/5 lb.
101430050 Primosale Peperoncini 2.5 kg  2/5 lb.
101430090 Primosale Pepato 2.5 kg  2/5 lb.
101430170 Primosale Pistachio 2.5 kg  2/5 lb.
101430020 Primosale 1 kg 6/2 lb.
101430060 Primosale Peperoncini 1 kg  6/2 lb.
101430100 Primosale Pepato 1 kg 6/2 lb.
101430140 Primosale Tartufo 1 kg 6/2 lb.
101430180 Primosale Pistachio 1 kg 6/2 lb.
101430210 Primosale Fantasia 1 kg 6/2 lb.
101430240 Primosale w/Pesto Genovese 6/2.5 lb.
101430030 Primosale 500gr 12/1 lb.
101430070 Primosale Peperoncini 500gr 12/1 lb.
101430110 Primosale Pepato 500gr 12/1 lb.