Centro Veneto Formaggi

CENTRO VENETO FORMAGGI is based in Cavaso del Tomba (TV). Located on the slopes of the Grappa massif and Monte Tomba, the company is situated in an ideal location to produce all the traditional dairy products that originate in the foothills.

The area is also rich in history, art, traditions and passion for the territory, which are constantly reflected in the cheeses that they craft.

In 2017 the company achieved a very important accomplishment: saving the historic site of the Pedemontana del Grappa Dairy. This step has not only made it possible to safeguard a central plant from the point of view of the history and production architecture of the foothills, but above all it has safeguarded all the traditional artisanal productions that have been made on this site for over 130 years.

Now the commitment of Centro Veneto Formaggi is aimed at combining the ancient tradition of the Pedemontana Social Dairy with the modern distribution needs in order to continue sharing the best fruits of Venetian dairy art.


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