In 1760 Francesco Calogiuri served as a cook to the Chiurlia family, a noble family in Lizzanello. As part of his culinary expertise, Francesco used a dense cooked grape must to enhance the local cuisine’s flavor. Interestingly, this same grape must also had medicinal properties and was used as a restorative remedy.

In the early 19th century, the Chiurlia family relocated to Naples, and Francesco’s son, Pietro Calogiuri, took on the role of a local olive oil producer. Alongside his olive oil production, Pietro dedicated himself to perfecting the recipe for the cooked grape must. It was during this time that he began to be known as a producer of “Vincotto.”

In 1825, Leonardo Calogiuri, Pietro’s son, established a small business selling olive oil and wines. He continued the family tradition of using the cooked grape must, which had been passed down from his father, for his own family’s consumption. It was during this period that the name “Vincotto” was officially adopted for the cooked grape must.

Thus, the Calogiuri family’s journey from being cooks for the Chiurlia family to becoming olive oil producers and creators of “Vincotto” is a testament to their dedication and passion for their craft.

This tradition has, since 1825, passed through six generations to the present day. About twelve years ago Gianni Calogiuri, a direct descendant of Francesco Calogiuri, decided to develop and commercialize the product using the family’s very long aged stock of “Vincotto”. 

*SO – Special Order


103011000 Affiorato E.V.O.O. – Cork & Box 6/250 ml
103011010 Affiorato E.V.O.O. – Cork & Box 6/750 ml
103011030 Affiorato E.V.O.O. – 750ml Twist Cap 6/750 ml


103311010 Lemon E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311080 White Truffle E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311090 Black Truffle E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311100 Chili Pepper E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311120 Garlic E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311140 Orange E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311250 Rosemary E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml
103311260 Oregano E.V.O.O. 6/250 ml


103511100 Red Wine Vinegar 6/500 ml


103811030 Fig Vincotto Vinegar 6/250 ml
103811040 Fig Vincotto Vinegar 6/500 ml
103811060 Lemon Vincotto Vinegar 6/250 ml
103811080 Raspberry Vincotto Vinegar 6/250 ml
103811090 Raspberry Vincotto Vinegar 6/500 ml
103811100 Aceto di Vincotto Vinegar #6 6/250 ml
103811110 Aceto di Vincotto Vinegar #6 6/500 ml
103811120 Vincotto Original 6/250 ml
103811130 Vincotto Original 6/500 ml
103811150 Orange Vincotto 6/250 ml
103811190 Vincotto  Vinegar #8 6/250 ml
103811210 Vincotto #3 6/250 ml
103811500 Orange Vincotto 2/2 lt
103811510 Vincotto Original 2/2 lt
103811520  SO Raspberry Vincotto Vinegar 2/2 lt
103811530  SO Lemon Vincotto Vinegar 2/2 lt
103811540 Fig Vincotto Vinegar 2/2 lt
103811550 Vincotto Vinegar #6 2/2 lt
103811570 Vincotto Vinegar #6 2/5 lt