Callipo was founded in Pizzo in 1913. Callipo became the first producer of tuna not only in Calabria but the first in Italy. This tradition has passed through four generations to our present day. Callipo products are exclusively made from Premium Quality Tuna. Callipo’s fishing method is in total accordance with the protection of the habitat of the seas. Callipo tuna is “Dolphin Safe” approved by Earth Island Institute. The main characteristic of this Yellow fin tuna is the light pink color of the meat and the compactness.

Callipo’s production cycle is completely made in Italy. As soon as the tuna arrives they are beheaded, gutted, cut in pieces, washed in plenty of water, steam cooked and vacuum cooled. The pieces are then carefully skinned and are selected according to the quality and size. The glass jars are hand packed and the tin cans are filled by automatic machines. The tuna is ripened in olive oil before sale according to product size.

Callipo grantees product traceability for each package which provides the knowledge of knowing the origins of the tuna, oil, cans and packing.

Tuna fillets image and olive oil clearness are intensified by glass jars so that consumers could have an immediate idea of quality grantee.

*SO – Special Order


104520030 Tuna in Oilive Oil – Tin 1.700 kg 2/60 oz
104520050 Tuna in Oilive Oil Tin – 160 gr x 2 Clusters 12/Clusters
104520060 Tuna in Oilive Oil Tin – 80 gr x 3 Cluster 16/Clusters
104520110 Tuna in Olive Oil – Jar 200 gr 12/6 oz
104520150 Tuna in Water – Jar 200 gr 12/7 oz
104520300 Ventresca of Tuna in Olive Oil – Tin 6/4.4 oz