Trentingrana DOP

In the mainly mountainous region of Trentino in Northern Italy, there is still today a production method where the quality really matter and not the quantity; the patience and not the speed.

The entire production process respects this tradition, with particular attention paid to technological innovations that contribute to the production of high-quality product.

Thanks to a complete control of every production phase, Trentingrana offers its customers a product with a unique taste and flavor.  The consumer can enjoy the purity and genuiness of mountains, granted by the modern high quality logic.

The whole process is regulated by strict production specifications, which are a point of reference for everybody, from farmers to cheese factories, in order to obtain an excellent product and constant in time.


101051200 Trentingrana Scelto 22/24 Months Wheel 1/80 lb
101051250 Trentingrana Scelto – 1/2 1/40 lb
101051210 Trentingrana Scelto – 1/4 1/21 lb
101051220 Trentingrana Scelto – 1/8 2/10 lb