Biscottificio Verona was founded in 1984 in Cerea. The company began producing pastries and other bakery products with a specialty in Ladyfingers.

In 2001 the company moved its thriving business to a new and modern building in Legnago, Verona. The new facility covered almost one and a half acres,and had the potential to produce over 132,000 lbs. of pastry items per day. It is here that three new production lines were created for the Ladyfingers and other types of regional specialty cookies. 

Today, Marini cookies and bakery products are  appreciated all over the world. The brand is valued for its high standards in the selection of raw materials, for its continued use of  advanced technology, and for its innovative creation of new product lines.


106099040 Classic Ladyfingers 500g 12/17.5oz
106099030 Classic Ladyfingers 400g 15/14oz
106099020 Classic Ladyfingers 200g 12/7oz
106099070 Cocoa Ladyfingers 200g 20/7oz


106099100 Amaretti Cookies 20/7oz
106099110 Amaretti Cookies 12/8.8oz
106099150 Cantuccini Almond Biscuits 12/7oz
106099160 Cantuccini Chocolate Chip Biscuits 12/7oz
106099240 Canestrelli Butter Biscuits with Powdered Sugar 14/4.2oz
106099270 Canestrelli Butter Biscuits Covered with Chocolate 14/4.2oz
106099300 Krumiri Butter Biscuits 14/4.9oz
106099330 Krumiri Butter Biscuits with Chocolate 14/4.9oz
106099450 MonCremi Hazelnut Cream-filled Cookies 14/5.3oz
106099420 MonCremi Cocoa Cream-filled Cookies 14/5.3oz
106099500 Biscotti Ripieni Hazelnut Cream-filled Cookies 12/7oz
106099520 Biscotti Ripieni Cocoa Cream-filled Cookies 12/7oz