Latteria MonteRosa

LATTERIA DEL MONTEROSA: Hidden in the heart of the Alps lies Issime, a mountain community of German origin. This is the place where Roberto Ronco started the production of the first typical cheeses of his valley: The Fontina and the Toma di Gressoney. Thanks to Roberto’s passion for the traditions and unique flavors of the Valle D’Aosta’s creations, the small dairy turned into a real company in just a few years. With the birth of the new dairy, cheese makers,  technicians, young and enterprising managers have adhered to the project with a single objective: Let everyone know the quality of the products.

Another unique attribute of these cheeses comes from the milk itself. As a complete and essential food for humans, milk is of particular value if produced from mountain cows. The Aosta Valley milk is excellent to drink raw but it is, above all, the fundamental element for making the famous local cheeses. The true breeders of its characteristic and intense flavor are the cows of the native breed, like the red pieddato valdostana. The mountain milk is rich in precious nutritional qualities that slightly varies with the seasons: richer and fat in the summer, when cows feed on fresh grass and fragrant flowers of high altitude pastures; thinner in winter, thanks to a feeding based on dry fodder.

100900090 Fontina Aosta DOP 1/19 lb
100900110 Fontina Aosta DOP 1/4 4/4.5 lb
100900120 Fontina Aosta DOP 1/4 Single 1/4.5 lb
100900100 Fontina Aosta DOP D’Alpeggio 1/19 lb
100900150 Toma Valle di Gressoney 1/5.5 lb