Beppino Occelli

BEPPINO OCCELLI  is a family-run company that began with its founder, Beppino Occelli, who started his activities in the dairy sector in 1976. He offered  creations and personal interpretations of traditional products that arise from his deep and indissoluble love for the place where he was born: the Langhe and the Alps.

His great creativity combined with his passion for local cheese-making traditions, have allowed him to produce a wide variety of cheeses that are appreciated by gourmets all over the world. At the dairy in Farigliano, only producing exclusive specialties, some of which, such as Cusiè, mature and are aged for a long time in the ancient Valcasotto caves.

Cheese-aging in the Valcasotto caves has a tradition that has been rooted for almost a century: here the cheeses of the Langa and the mountains of Cuneo find their ideal habitat. In the darkness of these caves, time works with air and water to bring the cheeses to full maturity.

*Most cheese are available in wheels, 1/4’s, 1/8’s, and wedges*


100630020 Cultured Butter 125gr  12/4.4 oz
*NEW* Pizza Cheese  (inquire for pack/size)

101830030 Cusiè 1/4  1/3.8 lb
101830090 Occelli® al Barolo 1/4  1/4 lb
101830150 Occelli® in Chestnut Leaves 1/2  1/7.7 lb
101830160 Occelli® in Chestnut Leaves 1/4  1/3.8 lb
*NEW* Occelli® with Fruit & Moscato Grappa  (inquire for pack/size)
101830210 Occelli® with Barley Malt & Whisky 1/4  1/3.8 lb
101830270 Occelli® with Black & Pink Peppercorns 1/4  1/3.8 lb