Maria Vittoria

After years of effort, the Dall’Ava brand has become synonymous with quality, and main purpose is to satisfy as much as possible customer demands. Dall’Ava Bakery is the latest group Dall’Ava. The products are born from the passion for the good things and the skilful use of the yeast: a live ingredient that allows obtaining dough fluffy and soft, with delicate hints that conquer the most demanding palates.

In early 2012, a series of pleasant coincidences convinced Carlo Dall’Ava to embark on a new journey into the world of the baked goods. Curiosity, the desire to “save” by closing a certain historical oven and a meeting with one of the best pastry chefs in the area, convinced Dall’Ava to go with few clear objectives: to give an international flavor to desserts and to produce cookies, panettone, and breadsticks.

Dall’Ava Bakery uses simple recipes. The production involves the use of a few primary ingredients.

The Quality of the raw materials combined with experience, affection and the best technologies available on the market enhances scents and tastes.

Dall’Ava Bakery produces high quality products, having old fashion flavors and modern pleasures.

*SO – Special Order


106097010  SO Breadsticks Traditional 150gr Tray 18/5.2 oz
106097050  SO Breadsticks Traditional 500gr Bag 5/17.5 oz
107997000  SO Panettone Classic 100gr Cellophane 12/3.5 oz
107997030  SO Panettone Classic 500gr Tin 6/17.5 oz
107997060  SO Panettone Classic 1kg Cellophane 6/2.2 lb
107997070  SO Panettone Classic 1kg Box 4/2.2 lb
107997080  SO Panettone Classic 1kg Tin 8/2.2 lb
107997144  SO Panettone Classic 3kg Cellophane 1/6.6 lb
107997160  SO Panettone Classic 5kg Cellophane 1/11 lb
107997200  SO Panettone Classic 10kg Cellophane 1/22 lb
107997260  SO Panettone Classic Frosted 1kg Box 4/2.2 lb
107997270  SO Panettone Classic Frosted 1kg Tin 8/2.2 lb
107997330  SO Panettone Cicarancio 500gr Cellophane 11/1.1lb
107997350  SO Panettone Cicarancio 1kg Cellophane 6/2.2 lb
107997360  SO Panettone Cicarancio 1kg Box 4/2.2 lb
107997720  SO Gubana Cake 450gr Box 10/1 lb
107997770  SO Gubana Cake 1kg Cellophane 8/2.2 lb
107997780  SO Gubana Cake 1kg Box 8/2.2 lb
107997790  SO Gubana Cake 1kg Paper 8/2.2 lb