La Primavera

The “Fratelli Andolfo” firm was established during the post-war period, and arose from the love of nature and from a whole family’s work.

Located in the industrial core of Naples, our firm carries on the southern tradition of canned foods while keeping up with the times.

Our knowledge and respect for the value of the soil-fruits drives us to a selected research for the best fresh products, ripened according to Nature’s time and rules, so as to assure that at any time of the year, the final consumer would receive fresh product in season, fragrant, genuine, rich in taste and healthy as the modern technologies can warrant.

*SO – Special Order


103945010 Tomato Puree with Basil 680gr – Bottle 12/24 oz
103945050 Organic Tomato Puree with Basil Bottle 12/24 oz
103945100 Napoli Tomato Puree with Bail Bottle 12/12.30 oz
103945120  SO Peeled Tomatoes San Marzano DOP 800gr 12/28 oz
103945160 Peeled Tomatoes 400 GR Tin 24/14 oz
103945170 Peeled Tomatoes 800 GR Tin 1/28 oz
103945180 Peeled Tomatoes 2.5KG Tin 1/5.6 oz
103945210 Sliced Tomatoes 400 GR Tin 24/14 oz
103945290 Diced Tomatoes 400 GR Tin 24/14 oz